Is Priority 1 Ministries affiliated with a certain denomination?

Priority 1 Ministries is an interdenominational short-term missions/discipleship ministry. We are a partnering ministry with the Brethren In Christ Church, but we work with teams from a wide variety of Christian denominations and traditions.

What is your statement of faith?

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How much experience do you have in short-term missions?

The staff of Priority 1 Ministries have decades of experience in short-term and long-term missions. Two have master’s degrees in Missions and Intercultural Studies, all have worked extensively with children, and all have overseas missions experience.

Who leads the teams?

Youth group teams are led by their own youth leaders. Winter Outreach and Teaching Teams are led by Priority 1 staff. International youth team leaders come from all over North America and must be 21 or older. These team leaders go through an application process, including a criminal record background check. All team leaders receive leadership training prior to their involvement with the team.

How do I raise the money I need?

After you apply Priority 1 will send you all the information and necessary forms you will need. We will include extensive instructions and a sample support letter that you can use to send to family, churches, businesses, and friends. All donations are tax-deductible.

Is part of the money raised used to get me to the Priority 1 site?

No, you are responsible for travel costs to and from the Priority 1 site. All expenses during training, your overseas missions experiences, and debrief are part of your trip cost. Other things not covered by trip costs are passports, visas, immunizations, souvenirs, and some sight-seeing.

Are the outreaches safe?

Yes, the outreaches are safe. We maintain close contact with host country missionary personnel prior to and during mission trips and would not allow teams to go into even potentially unsafe situations. In this respect team members are treated as if they were our children.

Can I participate if I live outside the USA?

Yes, any Christ-follower are permitted to participate, however, since all participants must provide their own transportation to and from the USA, the cost for those living outside the USA may hinder participation. Priority 1 is a small ministry and does not have funds or scholarships to assist with travel costs.

Do I have to raise the money for my participation in the outreach?

Yes, you must raise all the money for the outreach in US funds. Priority 1 Ministries is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and all donations toward your trip are tax-deductible.