Spend your Fall Break or Spring Break in New York City! During the week you will have a number of opportunities for ministry:

  • making & distributing food to the homeless & day workers
  • volunteering at the World Vision Storehouse
  • working with inner-city children during an after-school program
  • doing an AmazinGrace around the city (it’s like sightseeing with a higher purpose)
  • participating in a prayer walk
  • other, depending upon availability

Priority 1 staff will coordinate all opportunities with inner-city host ministries. Each of the projects share common elements (service opportunities, building relationships, serving in multicultural setting, Bible study, worship, etc.) but are different in specific format. Most share a common commitment to teaching Christian values of lifestyle, biblical community, and the ministry of the urban church. All of these projects provide an opportunity for you to deepen your worldview as you gain a greater understanding and compassion for the needs of people in the inner-city, and to connect you with individuals, agencies, and churches that are making a difference.

Cost: $315/person (week) or $160/person (weekend)

Cost does not include travel to and from New York City or a bus/subway pass.

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